Karen Elson – Milk and Honey w/ commentary by Rolling Stone

In this black-and-white live clip, multitalented British singer-songwriter and model Karen Elson presents a sparse, chilling rendition of Jackson C. Frank’s “Milk and Honey.” With quick shots of Elson and her accompanying guitarist, the images fade, morph and drift with each other as Elson sings in front of an old-fashioned fireplace. Originally written by the late folk singer Frank, Elson encountered “Milk and Honey” in a different way.

“I first heard a version recorded by Sandy Denny ,and it’s haunted me ever since,” she says. “I covered the song live and it began to take on a whole new meaning. The lyrics are sorrowful, yet a poetic take on the season’s changing and love. It reminds me of a Rilke poem.”


“What happened 2081?” ft Veruschka

Berlin March 24, Kunst-Werke Berlin
Title: ‘Lost’
Make-up artist: Servullo
Vocal, recorded @: ‘andereBaustelle’ by Boris Wielsdorf, Studio Berlin
Sound-effects: Alva Noto

Our view is on the future through the future. We have looked at the years 1980/81 in our recent research – from the distance of 30 years we have pieced together the present. Now we want to look at the next 70 years. What happened? With the use of fiction we describe the future in a narrative way. We are interested in what Umberto Eco called the “etc. function”, we look for the elastic possibilities of reality.

From Mission Statement on 2081.li

PREMIERE: Karen Elson & Ren Harvieu’s Train Song on Dazed Digital

The supermodel and musician premieres her new music video on Dazed and speaks to them about her songwriting and new collaboration

Karen Elson is a supermodel who blossomed in the aftermath of grunge in the 90s, making an impact with her striking, porcelain beauty and red hair. She has walked and appeared in campaigns – and continues to – for nearly every international fashion house. From Oldham, greater Manchester, startlingly Elson has now lived in America for half her life, such is her young success; first New York and currently Nashville, where she is mother to two children by Jack White.

It was the universe that united Elson with Ren Harvieu, a fresh talent from Salford. With mutual friends in common, the musician was inspired to send Elson Train Song as “I thought it’d be right up her street. Within a day or so she sent it back with harmonies on it – and some creepy organ as well. It was brill.”

“I kind of fell into music,” Harvieu explains. “I put a Myspace page up and eventually got contacted by the manager I have now… after several attempts I ignored! I still live in Salford, in an old hospital, which I think is haunted. For me this is all still weird and exciting, I feel like I’m ready.”

Dazed Digital caught up with Elson for her side of the story behind her collaboration with Ren, as well as those tentative steps in unleashing her musical talent.