Meet The Muse: Amber Le Bon

Girl-about-town Natalie Joos spends her days casting for shows like ADAM and Yigal Azrouel and editorials for the likes of Mario Sorrenti and Mariano Vivanco, but her passion is vintage clothing. Joos’ blog, Tales of Endearment spotlights her Muses, impeccably styled girls and guys who share her secondhand obsession. In a new partnership with, Tales of Endearment’s subjects discuss their shoots right here on Style File.

Earlier this week, model Amber Le Bon walked in Karl Lagerfeldís glittering, Indian-inspired pre-fall spectacular alongside her supermodel mom, Yasmin. For both Le Bon girls, however, it was pretty much old hat. My very first show was when I was a very little girl. I did the Chanel show twice with my mama, but I can’t remember them, Le Bon tells The first show I can remember doing was for AllSaints up in Glasgow. While she’s currently focusing her energy on her blossoming model career, she’s also got that itch for music (maybe dad Simon has something to do with it). I love learning new instruments, she says. I started playing ukulele about two years ago, then started playing guitar in January, and I’ve been playing piano since I was little. Music makes me happy. Here, the 22-year-old tells about her role models, what mom and dad taught her about style, and what’s on her Christmas wish list.
-Kristin Studeman

What are you working on these days?
I am currently focusing on modeling but in my free time I play a lot of guitar and piano, and I draw. I generally have a very wide creative streak that I like to entertain. I never really know what’s coming next work-wise until a few days before because everything is booked and confirmed quite last-minute. I think that’s a part of why I like the industry, it keeps you on your toes.

What models do you really look up to?
I obviously look up to my mama a lot, and also the other supers, like Cindy, Naomi, Helena, and Eva. The bond that they all have, that whole generation of models, is very special.

What is the best style advice you have ever received from your parents?
From my mama, comfortable, well-made heels are the way forward. From Daddy, things that might be average, or might not work so well in real life and up close, can sometimes work really well on stage.

What influences your personal style?
My own style and fashion inspiration is drawn from a whole lot of different places; obviously music is a huge part of it. I get very inspired by different musical genres, like punk and grunge, and I get influenced by old black-and-white films, and old-fashioned eras where corsets and lace were normal. It’s a big mix really. Anything I see in life that catches my eye, makes me think, and inspires me.

Do you collect anything in particular?
I collect jewelry. I’m a magpie, and jewelry is something that hopefully youíll keep forever and be able to pass on someday and tell some great stories about the fun times you had wearing each thing, or what it meant to you.

Do you have a signature piece of jewelry you wear every single day?
I generally always wear a necklace that was given to me by my grandmother, who sadly passed away when I was 12. It’s a small gold rectangle with an “A” engraved on it, on a very thin, delicate chain. It’s very sentimental, and I feel safe when I have it on, like it’s protecting me.

What’s on your Christmas wish list?
There’s my fantasy wish list and a more realistic wish list. The fantasy one includes things like a motorbike, a tiger, and a couture ball gown. My real wish list has things on it like a cashmere turtleneck, a diary, some vinyl, and maybe a vintage guitar (if I’ve been a really, really good girl, and am very lucky).

Finish this thought: What’s old is new again when?
You wear it and it makes you smile, or when you listen to it and it takes you to another place entirely.

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Model Musing: Michelle Alves












A shy teenager, Elite’s Michelle Alves’ life was turned upside down when her parents suggested a beauty pageant to improve her confidence. She didn’t win but confidence hasn’t been much of an issue since. Still, with years of experience and over 100 magazine covers under her belt, Alves didn’t find it hard to choose her favorite photo. Then again who wouldn’t love their first cover of Vogue Italia with Steven Meisel?

Why do you love it? I’ve taken so many great photos after this one, but I still have a special relationship with this cover. First, it really does reflect a lot of who I am. It’s a sexy yet chic woman, very Seventies and mysterious — I like to think that I still have some mysteries to be discovered/ revealed; and then the hair on the eye does it. It’s the final touch! I knew when I took that picture that my entire career would change. That all of what I wished for would now happen.

Who took it?The amazing Steven Meisel (art+commerce), with hair by Orlando Pita (art+commerce) and makeup by Pat McGrath (Streeters). Lori Goldstein (IMG) was the stylist.

What were you thinking when it was taken? What direction did the photographer give you? I was so happy for that opportunity and very grateful. I couldn’t believe that it was happening! I had travelled 24 hours from the Maldives, passing through Singapore and Tokyo, to get to Los Angeles on time. I was exhausted but excited. Steven simply asked me which profile I liked best, so we did two clicks of my favorite profile and one of the other side. Then he said, “We got it!” and the rest is history!How long was the shoot? The entire shoot was a twelve page story for Italian Vogue and it lasted 8 hours, a regular working day. That’s how Steven works, always done by 5pm — no matter what. How were you discovered? I was invited by the local newspaper –- I’m from Londrina, in Brazil — to be in a beauty pageant in the state’s Country Fair to choose the Queen of the Fair. Because I was such a shy teenager, my parents thought that it would be a great way for me to loosen up, so I entered but didn’t win the crown. I was however, chosen Miss Congeniality after that that I went to São Paulo and visited a few of the modeling agencies. I was sent to participate in a second contest, Elite Model Look and I was the second runner up in Brazil. Then I went to Paris immediately after that — from then on there was no turning back!

And for more on Michelle, make sure to check out: | @ImMichelleAlves