December 2011 Harper’s Bazaar UK cover and editorial: Yasmin Le Bon, ph: Jonas Akerland, stylist: Vanessa Coyle

December 2011 Harper’s Bazaar UK cover and editorial
Model:  Yasmin Le Bon
Photographer:  Jonas Akerland
Fashion Editor/Stylist:  Vanessa Coyle
Hair:  Daniel Dyer and Johnnie Sapong
Makeup:  Alex Babsky and Kirstin Piggott

It’s the video we’ve been hearing about for eternity. Finally the promo for Duran Duran’s latest single Girl Panic! hit Youtube in a nine and a half minute puff of fluff, sparkles, lipstick, leather and legs.

Ladies and gentleman, it’s the return of the ‘Supers’ – Naomi Campbell (as lead singer Simon Le Bon), Helena Christensen (Roger Taylor), Eva Herzigova (Nick Rhodes), Cindy Crawford (John Taylor) and Yasmin Le Bon who is keen to point out “I am NOT a member of Duran Duran”. The girls have been draughted if to play the boys, perform Girl Panic! as the boys and be interviewed by the boys themselves about how amazing and talented they all are.